Brian Alexander: A graphic to audio music instrument
"A table"
La bricool: Thoughtful actions or a simple letting go.
120 DEN
4 women, 12 legs: 4 women, 12 legs, 120 DEN!
AC Sequencer
Danne Woo
Arduino Multi-Track Music Player
Sridhar Rajagopal: Playback two musical scores simultaneously while showing synchronized lyrics
Alessandro Spadaro
Audio + Movement to MIDI
Rob: Capturing Sound and Motion to Control Digital Instruments
Automatic performance music by MIDI mechanical system
necobit(ねこびっと): Libertango
Cassette tape DJ
ooedotechnica: Cassette tape DJ the world
Cheap Expandable Floor Piano
Frederic Tachet
Conductive Melody
Sahrye Cohen & Hal Rodriguez: High Fashion as an interactive performance piece, a wearable musical instrument
Mateo Carabajal: Analog drone patchable synth
Creatures of light
Mauro Tanaka: what songs have the lights on?
Scenocosme : Gregory Lasserre & Anais met den Ancxt
Dead Cats
Captain Credible: Self playing generative music circuit board
Den of Cassette Surgery
Shane Culp
Discussion / workshop: Advanced piezoelectrics and amplification
Bryan Day
Tunipanea: Robotic voice responsive system
Electronic beach accordion
Le Mab: Electronic beach accordion
Gestural Electronic Music
Jenn Kirby: Made using Max and a games controller
Grand oeuvre
Yliader: Alchemical and occult synthetisers
Hacking Nature's Musicians
Kelly Heaton: An artistic ecosystem of analog electronic sound generators
Haunted House
Guro Lehn Viset: A project by Guro and Henrik
Hibridos sonidos galacticos de hadas
Turquesa Bahia
Johannes Nyborg Heyning: by Lexi and Johannes
itsÄmani flux
Miguel Cortés: itsi flux con motivo del lago y su desertificación
J.Views playing Teardrop with vegetables and Makey Makey
J.Views: Makey Makey Fan Video
Jazz Thugs, Makey Makey, and Sir Duke
Jazz Thugs and Eric Rosenbaum
Brian Alexander
Matthew Caren, Romain Michon and Matt Wright: An accessible electronic wind instrument
La Machine Sonore Infernale
Pierre-Mary GIMENEZ: a spaceship dashboard for 8 musicians
La Pirámide
DLP_electronics: Craft electronics
la ruidosa
murqui / miguel ibañez: (Sintetizador casero hecho a partir de desechos locales)
Le Discomatik
Jean-Marie Ollivier: Hardware circular automatic MIDI sequencer
LEDREBEL: The Mashup Show
Les Amis Nos Morts
Les Amis Nos Morts
Les Machins
Kogumi: Electronic sound installation to control electronic musical instruments in a gr…
Les Phonotons série 1
Alexandre Berthaud: Sound sculptures, concert/performance
Lightning guitar
Theodora Føien: Interconnected via radio signals.
Liz Ruvalcaba
Lizeth Ruvalcaba: Stella
Loops Loop
Kel Smith: Tape Hacking And Vactrol VCO
j.crowe: Live AV performance
Mihalis Shammas: electromagnetic string instrument
Scenocosme : Gregory Lasserre & Anais met den Ancxt
Midi Automoated Reel to Reel Tape Machine
Craig Scott's Lobotomy
Musical Boxing Gloves
Annika Maria Baig: by Annika and Martine
Musical touch game
Pernille Nilson Ramstad: Make music by completing the circuit.
Lucidbeaming: A computer vision musical performance context
Israel Peña: Real Time Sound Artist
Photon Smasher v2
Frazer Merrick: Making music with light
Piezo Piazza
Mei-Ling Lee
Prayer Request
Yann Seznec: a candle-based instrument
Pringles MIDI Drums
Liam Baum: Pringles Drums w/ Sonic Pi and Arduino
Prism Bell
Lia Mice: A large scale musical instrument
Craig Scott's Lobotomy
Robot guitar
Sindre Haverstad Kvalsvik: Self playing electric guitar
Andreas Förster and Christina Komesker: An ambient light-sensitive installation
Raul Altosaar
Space Palette
Tim Thompson: Visual music instruments using 3D input
Star Networks at the Singing Point
Ralph Jones
switch witch syndrome
switch witch syndrome: Are You?
Paolo De Silva: A niche community of experimental electronica enthusiasts and artists based in …
The Hickok and The Yellowbox
Moldover: Custom retro MIDI controllers for Seth Norman
The Kraken
Kogumi: An instrument adapted to everyone's motor skills
Thunderstorm Tent
Jessica Dunn
Benoît Poulain
Mona Simers Mehus: A musical popcorn wagon
Untitled Title Belt
GX Jupitter-Larsen
Scot Jenerik: "The Gates of Hell"
Waves sniffer
Alessandro Spadaro: A new way of listening the world
Wing of Upcycled Interfaces
Maisy Byerly: Experiments in Enclosure Excellence
With each drop
We are CHALL: An interactive visual poem
Yana Shliabanska & Ereh Saw: Acousmatic Sound Sculpture
RGB Matrix Audio Visualizer with Arduino
Sridhar Rajagopal: Make beautiful music with Adafruit, SparkFun, Arduino and ProtoStax! Create an …