John Ferguson, Erik Griswold, Paul Bardini, and Daniel Della-Bosca: Towering rotating sound sculptures
42.3456237, -71.1635418
Ryan Katz
A square dreams A sphere
Nicolo Merendino AKA "Chi ha uccils Il Conte?": Open source CAD tools and methodologies for hardware production In electronic m…
Audio + Movement to MIDI
Rob: Capturing Sound and Motion to Control Digital Instruments
Back to the Wild West - a Minecraft musical project
Erik Whittier & Andrew Mazzarini
Thadeus Frazier-Reed: play a part, together
Chameleon Instrument Lights
Jim Wheaton: Interactive lighting embedded in musical instruments
Chicken Hero, Villager Hero, Cow Hero - a Minecraft musical project
Ramon Castillo
Code + Chords
Rachel: Playful Learning Lab
Conveyors and Filters - a Minecraft musical project
Kevin Buckley
Ecosonic Playground Project
Elissa Johnson Green and Christopher Lee
Everything Ends Here - a Minecraft musical project
Ramon Castillo: music by Alessandro Cortini
Fi's Farewell - a Minecraft musical project
Harry Avery (DJ Hello): music by Takeshi Hama
Gestural Electronic Music
Jenn Kirby: Made using Max and a games controller
Groovecraft - a Minecraft musical project
Sean Lavigne
koTom: Twitter controlled generative melody maker
I am Walking in a Mine - a Minecraft musical project
Kevin Buckley
Marc Sibila: We make the music
zen: A smile powered synthesizer
JackTrip & a metaverse
Synthia Payne: Live JackTrip Music Jams while in a metaverse (no headsets required)
Jacktrip Tutorial and Jam: Make Music with Others
Synthia Payne: Follow Instructions | Install Software | Ethernet Only | Use Headphones
Lavender Town - a Minecraft musical project
Tess McCumber: Music composed by Junichi Masuda
Magic Music Box
miaaaa_fan: A really “handy” music instrument
Makey Makey Typewriter Music Machine
Lonershy: Makey Makey Fan Video
MH/CH Gestural Interface Project
Douglas McCausland: Convergence: A real-time electronics performance in higher-order ambisonics wit…
Mine...Minecraft!!! - a Minecraft musical project
Luna Castillo
MiniMu Explorations
koTom: by Vulpestruments
Motorbike - a Minecraft musical project
Kyle Kashiwabara & Matt Makuc
Lenwë Sáralondë: Music add-on for World of Warcraft
Nerve Sensors for Physically Accessible Instruments
Lloyd May: A collaboration with Peter Larsson & ShareMusic Sweden
Lucidbeaming: A computer vision musical performance context
Kaon'CPT: Peripplayear
Pianogo - visual effects
Evatris (Eva Corot): Piano with Visual effects
Pillager Jam - a Minecraft musical project
Tristan Fruzzetti
Pink Bats or Something Like it - a Minecraft musical project
Ramon Castillo
Pringles MIDI Drums
Liam Baum: Pringles Drums w/ Sonic Pi and Arduino
Raul Altosaar
Sonic Pi DrumRNN GUI
Liam Baum: A GUI that uses Magenta Drum RNN to create and generate drum patterns to send t…
Star Wars themed Minecraft Experience
Samantha Schulz & Mark Andrews
Julian Woodward: An alternative and fun way to make music in your browser
UltraFree: Soup Quartet + live AI streaming BOT
Apo33: #freemusic #bot #AI #livestreaming #compositionmachine #livemusician
Unreal live music visualizer
Sashi: Shaping dancing lights with live music instruments
Until We Meet Again — Music <> Code <> Poetry
Earth to Abigail: Algorithmic Dream Electronica
What if I Want to Go Gently?" and "Horrorwave"
Jared Winn
RGB Matrix Audio Visualizer with Arduino
Sridhar Rajagopal: Make beautiful music with Adafruit, SparkFun, Arduino and ProtoStax! Create an …