DIY Kits
Michele Abolaffio and Giuliano Anzani: Connecting wood and flesh in a feedback loop
John Ferguson, Erik Griswold, Paul Bardini, and Daniel Della-Bosca: Towering rotating sound sculptures
3D Music Interface w/ Makey Makey
Liam Baum: A homemade MIDI controller using Makey Makey, p5.js and Sonic Pi
A Vocal Effects Unit For Kids
Kyle Reiff: Voice changer
Analog Synthesizer Kits
ArduTouch music synthesizer
Mitch Altman: An open source digital synth with a touch keyboard and amp/speaker (Arduino-com…
Alessandro Spadaro
Fruitee Beat
Bongobulbul: Fruitee Beat by Bongo Bulbul
Marc Sibila: We make the music
J.Views playing Teardrop with vegetables and Makey Makey
J.Views: Makey Makey Fan Video
Matthew Caren, Romain Michon and Matt Wright: An accessible electronic wind instrument
Rafaele Andrade: Reimagining the cello in hybrid form
Le Frutophone with Makey Makey
Noé: Makey Makey Fan Video
Jean-Baptiste Lévêque: DIY Lo-fi looper in a kit
Loops Loop
Kel Smith: Tape Hacking And Vactrol VCO
Makey Makey and Musical Magic
Marijana Franičević: Our Instruments and School Stairs Create Magical Sounds
Makey Makey Lego custom controller
8rix: Enhance your bricks, hide triggers anywhere in your models
Makey Makey Sampler App
Makey Makey: A demonstration.
Makey Makey Typewriter Music Machine
Lonershy: Makey Makey Fan Video
Makey Makey Water Piano
Makey Makey: Makey Makey Water Piano
Giorgio Sancristoforo: X-ray Synthesiser which Sonifies Radioactivity
Andreas Förster and Christina Komesker: An ambient light-sensitive installation
Transducer Amphitheater
Nick Dunston
Andrea Guidi and Giacomo Lepri: Exploring post-rave cultures with spinning lasers and mirrors