Be a part of the virtual event!

Man playing DIY instrument In 2018 the first Maker Music Festival took place in Sebastopol, California. A delightful event, it showcased the projects and talents of a select group of music makers from the San Francisco Bay area. There were exhibit booths, live performances, demonstrations and hands-on activities.

Of course, in 2020 the live event landscape dramatically.

So now we're going virtual. We're inviting music makers from around the world to join us in a celebration of innovative sound creation.

Who are we looking for? Musicians, artists and makers who have created interesting and unusual methods of producing music and sound. From modern primitives to high tech wizards. If it's interesting, fun or entertaining we want it to be a part of this event.

What's involved? You just need to tell us about yourself and your project. Then submit a short video of your work in action along with a couple of photos. You can also provide links to your social media channels and YouTube/Vimeo content. We want to help you promote yourself and your work as much as possible.

The festival takes place on May 15th and 16th, 2021.

Bart Hopkin performing
Cheryl Leonard performing
Hands-on activities

Monty Monty sculpture
Hubbub Club performing
Hands on with instrument
Kent Barnes booth

Kash Killion playing
Instrument making
Young person interacting
Mauro Efef performing Photos: Anthony Pagini
Who are we?
Portrait of Sherry Huss Sherry Huss
Sherry is all about creating experiences, connecting community, building tribes and having a bit of fun while she's at it! Co-founder of Maker Faire and a founding member of LIVE Labs Studio. She is also a member of Imaginary Places, the team that created the Decameron Row experience. Along with numerous advisory board responsibilities, she is currently Innovator-in-Residence at Freeman Events.

Portrait of Josef Szuecs Joe Szuecs
(pronounced SOOCH)

The Maker Music Festival was conceived by Joe in 2018. He is a maker, software developer and musician and has been building musical contraptions for over ten years. His projects have won many Editor Choice awards at both the Bay Area Maker Faire and World Maker Faire. Currently, he is the technical lead for Imaginary Places as well the President of the Board of Chimera Arts maker space.