Playing With Machines
Alexandre Berthaud: An electronic-ambient band and Ork.1, une orchestra of DIY motorized instruments
Bart Hopkin: A chromatic glissing instrument
C4NM Exhibition Space
The Window Gallery
Intonarumori Building
mat ward: Reconstructing and performing with Luigi Russolo's Intonarumori
Thump Crash Tin
Alex Fernandez: Sound Object Installation
Bodil & Larnie Fox
John Ferguson, Erik Griswold, Paul Bardini, and Daniel Della-Bosca: Towering rotating sound sculptures
break me, 2020
Mayank Sanganeria
Chordal Distance
Young-min Choi, Sylvan Zheng
Conductive Melody
Sahrye Cohen & Hal Rodriguez: High Fashion as an interactive performance piece, a wearable musical instrument
Deep Rooted by Clare Phelps and freeform delusion
freeform delusion: Deep Rooted
Guilted Manse
Silica Gel: Gilded Age Ghosts Still Plunder the Earth
In Vivo
Doga Buse Cavdir: In Vivo
Instruments for the Green Wood
David Samas: A Supernatural Opera
Kokon Dansetsu Ma
Guoda Dirzyte: #2
Larm Machine
Guoda Dirzyte
Of Land and Sea
Cheryl E. Leonard: Natural Object Instruments
osvaldo cibils en el arte de las perillas (the art of knobs)
Osvaldo Cibils: Noisy actions / Video performances
Giorgio Sancristoforo: X-ray Synthesiser which Sonifies Radioactivity
Rebirth - a music video by VFR institute
raia: ReBirth remix - Komorebi ft. raia
Svane Foundation Ark project
Oliver DiCicco: Escape Pod
tear glass petri dish
Mayank Sanganeria: 2019/2020
Urban Grand Piano
Ken Butler
Andrea Guidi and Giacomo Lepri: Exploring post-rave cultures with spinning lasers and mirrors
Wall of Noise Sound Art
Damian Lintell-Smith: Sound Art paintings
We Are Everything We Are Not
Walter Kitundu
Yana Shliabanska & Ereh Saw: Acousmatic Sound Sculpture
Guilherme S Guinski: Study on Detachment and Deprivation
Pianochopper Baby!
Kasper: The new adventures of Zolt & Burg
Canyon Falls Observatory
Jonathan Marlow: Adrift in the Midst of Sea
Pablo Benjamín Nieto Mercado
Mitchel Ahern: Undulations
Sound Poetry Opera
Ensemble For Sound Poetry And Contemporary Music: Tired of being a bird?