C4NM Exhibition Space
The Window Gallery
Accessible and Inclusive Design for Music-Making
CCRMA & PIG: by Lloyd May and Doga Cavdir
Marble Music Game
Miriam Lopez: Glockensplink!
3D Music Interface w/ Makey Makey
Liam Baum: A homemade MIDI controller using Makey Makey, p5.js and Sonic Pi
A Vocal Effects Unit For Kids
Kyle Reiff: Voice changer
Cheap Expandable Floor Piano
Frederic Tachet
Discussion / workshop: Advanced piezoelectrics and amplification
Bryan Day
Educational Makey Makey Piano
Jordi Rodriguez Crespo: Educational Makey Makey Piano
Interactive Sheet Music with Makey Makey
Makey Makey: Interactive Sheet Music with Makey Makey
La Frite
Kogumi: Collaborative electronic instruments for school class
Makey Makey and Musical Magic
Marijana Franičević: Our Instruments and School Stairs Create Magical Sounds
OK Go Sandbox- Art Together Now
OK Go Sandbox: A music and art collaboration involving nearly 15,000 people
OVAOM - Sound Explorer
Muriel Colagrande - OVAOM: Sensory musical gamepads to develop langage
Sound Automata
Ryan Jenkins: Tinker with Rhythm Robots
Kogumi: Electronic music sensations for very very small children
The Raindrops Orchestra
Johnny Tal: Interactive musical performance for the whole family
Hallway Symphony
CJHSdigitalmusic: Makey Makey Fan Video