Moldover : The 8-Bit Boombox
The 8-Bit Boombox [ ★ ]
The 8-Bit Boombox is a self-contained, portable, retro gaming inspired jambox. It allows up to four people to collaboratively remix classic video game music with no musical or gaming experience requred.
A multiplayer musical instrument or "jambox" The 8-Bit Boombox was created for Priceless Festival in 2018, and successively improved for many public events in the years since. It is one of a series of "jamboxes" I've been building since 2015. It utilizes the original audio and lighting hardware of a vintage Panasonic Boombox, but the other guts have been torn out and replaced by a PC running Max and Live, and a Teensy to interface with the lights and sensors. More about my other (very different) jambox designs, and jamboxes from other artists, at
★ Elijah - bunkebear : I enjoyed the creative integration of video games which is always an interactive medium, with music. I love listening to old 8-bit chiptune music, so this grabbed my attention, and the fact that you can interlace sound effects with the music would let me love out my dreams of composing my own 8 bit music, without the effort of learning another instrument. I also think the attachment of retro controllers to play the sounds is a nice aesthetic touch. This project appealed to me on a few levels
Moldover : Artist, Musician, Instrument Designer
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”A musician at heart, inventor born of curiosity, and innovator by necessity, I believe the world calls him the ‘Godfather of Controllerism’ for damned good reasons.” – John Tackett, Crowd Wire
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I am an electronic music producer and performer, and I design and build all manner of electronic instruments. When I am not playing shows or recording my own music, I am helping other artists, companies, and events realize their wildest electronic music making dreams.
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