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Project: 3 cycles

3 cycles

Improvisations on musical patterns written with tidalcycles manipulating a combination of homespun and open source synthesizers.

Project: Caravat-o-matic Musical Necktie

Caravat-o-matic Musical Necktie

A stylish necktie with magical musical powers!

Project: circuit bending music

circuit bending music

Using Casio sk-10 circuit bending, theremin optico,drone synth.commodore c64, amplify groovebox.

Project: Drum Bugs

Drum Bugs

Percussion Boards in the style of Tom Nunn's Bug EPBs (Electroacoustic Percussion Boards).

Project: Electrosensible


Electrosensible is about exploring different ways of connecting drawing and sound through the construction of instruments based on graphite and 555 chip.

Project: Extended Psalter

Extended Psalter

This proposal is about a musical performance by Claudio Merlet, which presents the final result of the author's investigation and technical-musical developmental process aimed at the creation of an electronic interface, one that—through digital programmi…

Project: Follower


The Follower is a kinetic based ambient sound sculpture.

Project: generative loops

generative loops

A series of generative/drone instruments

Project: Hearing Hands

Hearing Hands

Interactive tactile sound object

Project: Highway to Presence

Highway to Presence

A soundwave visualization installation. Play the instrument and get lost in sound.

Project: instrumental creatures

instrumental creatures

Series of sculptures made available in the space to be activated with the participation of the public mediated by the artist.

Project: Negentropyka


It's an instrument who playing an aleatory music with an infinit poesie (in french)

Project: Pandemic Box

Pandemic Box

A percussive Instrument with five signal chains.

Project: Semi automated electric guitar duet

Semi automated electric guitar duet

A semi automated electric guitar designed to be simultaneously played by an improvising musician and mechanised from a computer

Project: The Lo-Fi Orchestra

The Lo-Fi Orchestra

A collection of lo-fi synthesis, Arduino tones and other MIDI controlled devices based on projects from my "Simple DIY Electronic Music Projects" site.

Project: The Pluralistic Soloton Orchestra

The Pluralistic Soloton Orchestra

A piano in the center of an installtion with 45 other instruments. They are all attached to the keyboard with cords and can be played.

Project: Tubes


This modular musical instrument is composed of six percussive tubes. Each one of them is motorized, amplified and connected to a sensor, so they can play music depending on the interaction with the public. For now, Tubes is an installation piece but due …