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Project: ...U...


U is a lamelaphone (that's the generic term for instruments with vibrating tines) in a U-shaped configuration. For each pitch there is not one but many tines in a row, tuned mostly in octaves, which can be played by stroking with a plectrum across the ro…

Project: A Room Full of Unique Musical Instruments

A Room Full of Unique Musical Instruments

A collection of musical instruments. Including strings, woodwinds, and lamellophones. Mostly built out of household items.



Tiny Table Bass

Project: Blown Pixel

Blown Pixel

Blown Pixels are free range percussion modules acting singularly or in groups to create polyrhythmic structures.

Project: Chordal Distance

Chordal Distance

A sound installation that explores the relationship between two people by connecting the physical act of pulling to music.

Project: Circuit-bending Art Movement

Circuit-bending Art Movement

It’s an honor for me to introduce to all of you Reed Ghazala, Father of Circuit Bending: * He’s a multimedia artist: author, photographer, composer, musician. * He has built experimental sculptural instruments for different renowned artists and compa…

Project: DIY Celesta

DIY Celesta

This project is my attempt at building a celesta using machines available in a fablab and documenting the build. Documentation and design files are shared under a CC-BY-SA license.

Project: EKHO


Ekho is a modular musical robot that responds instantly to human voice overlaping it´s own sounds.

Project: FEEDBACK MOBILE - Speaker Ball & Microphone Satelites

FEEDBACK MOBILE - Speaker Ball & Microphone Satelites

7 microphone/preamp satelites orbit a ball of speakers(at different distances) generating different overtones as they pass each speaker.

Project: flairdrum


By applying air pressure, a PET bottle can create an astonishingly clear and brilliant sound. The ingenious thing about it: the bottle is a sound generator and sound box in one. The higher the pressure, the higher the surface tension of the bottle and th…

Project: Hacking Nature's Musicians

Hacking Nature's Musicians

"Hacking Nature Musicians" is an ecosystem of sound-generating electronic devices made with discrete hardware (no digital code or recordings). My circuits generate sound such as birdsong and insect chirping. I also refer to this practice as "electronic n…

Project: Laikabot laikamaker

Laikabot laikamaker

Research on the manufacture of musical instruments for the band's own use, mixing traditional luthieria techniques with digital fabrication. We've using a combination of traditional and prototypes instruments in live presentations and recordings, searchi…

Project: Law Cant

Law Cant

My solo project stands out for the mixture of conventional instruments and those created by me using the Circuit Bending technique.

Project: Les Boîtes Mécaniques

Les Boîtes Mécaniques

In 1913 Luigi Russolo created an orchestra of noises with strange machines. In 2017, we will play on Mechanical Boxes. Robotic instruments that allow remote controls to trigger a crazy course of marbles, a wood / metal xylophone, a vibrating plate or eve…

Project: Les Phonotons série 1

Les Phonotons série 1

Those graphical musical instruments are played by Alexandre Berthaud et Bruno Kervern who produce a music they called "machine ambient", because it is linked to the robots and so it can't be reproduced in another way. This machines bring new way of compo…

Project: Music Derby

Music Derby

Music Derby is a game in which sound of music runs seven robots. The player predicts which robot will go the farthest when a tune is over.

Project: Object Sequencer

Object Sequencer

The Object Sequencer rotates "notes" or objects in the air in a circular pattern interacting with sensors to create electro-acoustic sequences.

Project: Porcapizza


An Italian one-man-band playing several instruments that he builds himself out of recycled materials, recording and looping sounds and singing and broken english and stuff :)

Project: Pyera


Pyera is an interactive acoustic installation, inspired by savoyard "tapets".

Project: Resonance In Light

Resonance In Light

Resonance In Light is an experiment in meditative immersion. Sonically anchored by Gamelatron Roh Ageng, the four Bay Area artists join Aaron Taylor Kuffner in the creation of an interactive environment where the aural tones of this Gamelatron influence …

Project: Serinette


"Serinettes" were obscure mechanical musical instruments from the 18th century. During this time, french aristocrats used these devices to teach captive canaries to sing different melodies (how decadent is that?) The instrument consisted in a small woode…

Project: Sonic Circuit Sculptures

Sonic Circuit Sculptures

Helen Leigh is an educator, writer and artist who has created a series of sonic circuit sculptures which experiment with sound in combination with freeform, organic-looking electronics.

Project: The Pencilina

The Pencilina

Bradford Reed has been playing his pencilina for over 30 years in different projects and musical contexts.

Project: Tri Swodho

Tri Swodho

Tri swodho is DIY instrument from industrial rubbish,the raw material are pallet wood and tin can from water dispenser/heater.

Project: Xenith Handpans

Xenith Handpans

The Xenith: a high-quality handpan for an introductory price.