Jean-Marie Ollivier : Mechanical orchestra
Mechanical orchestra
The project consists of an orchestra of robots which are controlled with a MIDI sequencer which allows them to synchronize. The final project will be a big Juke Box in which the robots will play songs to order!
Automatic Noise Music
Rennes, France
This project is part of a more global industrial robot diversion project. Jean-Marie is a robotics engineer and he recovers old industrial robots to convert them into artistic projects. His most famous project is called "Le Bistromatik". It is an industrial robot (Nestor) which has been fixed on a mobile platform transformed into a bistro where the robot plays the role of bartender. Soon an industrial robot violinist (see other Maker Music Festival project) will join the orchestra. These robots works with pneumatics cylinders controlled by an industrial PLC which receives the orders from a MIDI sequencer via an Arduino
Jean-Marie Ollivier : Maker & Musician
The maker Jean-Marie Ollivier
Rennes, France
I work with industrial robots that I divert to integrate them into show installations. I have been doing this since 2010. I am also a musician (traditional music) and I am very interested in the idea of ​​playing music with robots. I work notably on a violinist robot then also on a percussionist :-)
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How I can help you:
This project allowed me to implement a MIDI interface between the world of automation and the world of music. If needed, I can share on this topic.
How you can help me:
I encounter slight lag problem when too much informations is received by the Arduino. I ask if the Arduino should not be replaced by a Raspberry PI. If anyone has any experience I will be happy to share.
Jean-Marie_Ollivier : Hi Darren,thanks for your message, I didn't know Medico Recorder. I went to see it and itseems very interesting. I will certainly need the "MIBO" card, themovements of my robot are pneumatic and the distributors consume about 200mA. Ihave another possibility which is to remove the PLC which is used as aninterface between the arduino and the cylinders but which is finally not veryuseful and which causes latency. I see that we are working on the same subjectsand that we are both as passionate about this idea of making music with robots:-)
TotemRecall : Hi Jean-Marie, I use the Mideco midi decoder card from midi-hardware to control my TotemRecall robots and never have any problems, it might be worth having a look ?Regards Darren