Kittie Cooper : Photoresistor Phoyer
Photoresistor Phoyer
Explorations in Photon Plundering
Kittie Cooper
Charlottesville, VA
Jessica Dunn : Multimedia Artist
Indianapolis, IN
Jessica Dunn (also known as sesseka and eeeka) is a multimedia artist working in video, animation, sculpture, and sound. She experiments with a wide variety of techniques and materials to also build experiential works like physical installations as well as digital spaces utilizing VR and AR. Playing with perception is a main goal of her work as well as exploring the depths of reality, creating illusions, and building dream-like worlds.
Matt Bornn
Winnipeg, Canada
Kel Smith
Glenside, PA
Kel Smith is a composer, designer, author, and technologist based in the United States. Mr. Smith composes and records as Suss Müsik, creating electroacoustic music from homemade and customized devices. The project is headquartered in North America, with various collaborators located throughout the world, and began releasing material in the summer of 2015. Mr. Smith is also the author of Digital Outcasts: Moving Technology Forward Without Leaving People Behind, a book that explores the historical and cultural influence people with disabilities have on design innovation. Mr. Smith’s public appearances include SXSW, The Royal National Institute of the Blind, CBC Radio's "The Current," The Globe & Mail Canada, The Austin Chronicle, National Public Radio and BBC Network.
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