Wall of Noise Sound Art

Paintings with electronic synths & drum machines fitted onto canvas.
A full band of Paintings to hang on a wall & make it a wall of noise.
Sound Art paintings 3 of the paintings - 'Transmutation Pyramid', 'Drums of Eye' & 'Psycasso' are plugged into the mixer painting - 'Paint Mixer' which in turn mixes the levels & adds delay effect to the sounds.

The project began around 18 months ago.

I made it as live performance was out & a general interest in mixing art & sound.

I have used paintings I painted anywhere from now to 18 years ago.
1st painting was named 'Transmutation Pyramid' & has a 4 osscilator synth with many multi coloured LEDs, the title is taken from my thought process in 2003 & an interest in ancient egypt/chakra system.

2nd is named 'Drums of Eye' & has a drum device with 10 step sequencer.

3rd is named 'Psycasso' due to the Picasso style print used, a harsher sound is created with the synth fitted to it.

4th is the 'Brain Mixer' which all the other paintings are plugged into, it also has a delay effects so the sounds can be affected.

Damian Lintell-Smith : Artist
The maker Damian Lintell-Smith
I am independent/self employed & make a living from creating /selling my creations.
I also perform with circuit bent/rewired games consoles/drum machines/synths/camcorders, something other than the obvious is mostly preferred.

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