UltraFree: Soup Quartet + live AI streaming BOT

Neither improvisation, nor rock, nor jazz, nor electronic music, nor amplified music but a bit of all that with a lot of Free. Free as free. UltraFree evenings adapt to many genres and instrumentation while keeping this spirit of freedom that we are looking for.
For this performance, Apo33 propose an AI to recompose live the performance played by musicians in Atelier de Bitche in Nantes.
#freemusic #bot #AI #livestreaming #compositionmachine #livemusician BOT make up a virtual community, in the continuation of the POULPE' project, with a view to assemble a collection of entities in one location in order to diffuse their production to many more places. They stand for a new approach to digital phenomena : networks, multi motionless geolocation, interconnection of on-line produced or processed data, automation in the treatment of reality and, especially in the case of BOTs, sites for experiments, always accessible, and from anywhere. 'A machine always depends on external elements in order to keep existing. Not only does it act as complement to the man who builds, activates or destroys it, but it asserts its difference from other machines real or virtual, non-human, a proto-subjective diagramme'. (Guattari) There is a machinic side to BOT, a call for inter-dependance, for relations and discussions between heterogenous elements, that has as much to do with the way reality is split and reproduces itself (as in a utopian language of an electronic diktat), as with the way we confront the otherness, through our body, our actions, our activity and our environment (urban or ' natural '). BOTs must be seen as long term constructions of a living and spreading machine network ; BOTs spread from city to city, from countryside to mountains, they invade our living spaces, cupboards, offices, balconies. Everybody can eventually participate in a BOT, create one and connect it to the community at large, and thus fertilize it, feed it, accompany its development, teach it, make it more autonomous, more or less social', possibly even humanise' it ? A Bot if an excrescence of reality. ' There are so many stories on these man-machines ; man tends to multiply and machines stand halfway between us and immortality '. In BOTs, there is a kind of game that involves time, infinity ; BOTs play with places and our present, they catch and chew moments Ð points in time Ð and transform them ; and there is in them an essential quality that transcends matter Via their various sensors (audio, data, video), BOTs collect information and they process it in different ways, by the BOT network (through on line transmission of digital data) and by the persons who participate in conceiving and programming them.

Apo33 : artists and hacker collective
The maker Apo33
APO33 is an interdisciplinary artistic, theoretical and technological laboratory that develops various collective projects combining research, experimentation and intervention in the social space.
Apo33 aims is to work with the dynamics of the free software movement: a modular space, initiating collaborative projects and creative processes and exploring new modes of artistic and creative production and dissemination.

Through workshops, sharing workshops, seminars, interventions in the public space, creations, international meetings, online projects, publications etc., APO33 works to develop the current transformations of artistic and cultural practices, consequences reappropriations and uses of Information and Communication Technologies.

This objectives leads APO33 to work on the margins of the cultural field to explore the passages and crossings that can take place between creation and other social disciplines or practices (political activism, mediation or social action, hard sciences and human sciences, urban planning, ecology, economy …).

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