Tin Can Luminary and the Orchestra of the Unwanted

Music composed for unique instruments that I create from recycled materials and found objects.
Various I created the Orchestra of the Unwanted, a collection of homemade circuit-bent, electric, acoustic and eletroacoustic instruments to make music that reflects the material culture of our unique time in history. To be part of the Orchestra of the Unwanted at least one component of the instrument, if not the entirety of it must have been discarded before it became an instrument.

John Hardin : maker, composer
The maker John Hardin
Off-grid, solar powered studio, dedicated to recycling and using found objects to make music

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How I can help you:
I perform live, as a solo artist both as an electric didgeridoo player and with the Orchestra of the Unwanted. I give workshops on circuit-bending, building electroacoustic instruments and playing the didgeridoo. I make movies and videos, as well as music for movies and videos. You can see the Orchestra of the Unwanted at: www.electricearthmusic.wordpress.com
How you can help me:
Buy my music at: www.johnhardin.bandcamp.com
See the Orchestra of the Unwanted and find out how to sponsor a performance at www.electricearthmusic.wordpress.com