The Hickok and The Yellowbox

These are two pieces of vintage test equipment hacked into USB MIDI controllers.
Custom retro MIDI controllers for Seth Norman These are two instruments I was commissioned to create for artist and sound designer Seth Norman. Seth salvaged these delightfully decayed pieces of vintage radio and Air Force test equipment, and asked me to turn them into music-controllers. It was an interesting challenge to rewire or replace the old and heavily corroded electronics, but the end result is a pair of incredibly unique and satisfyingly fun-to-play music machines! See them activated in Seth's new videos showcasing his newest sound-design work, the Seismic Shock extension for Spectrasonic's Omnisphere:
Yellowbox performance video (
Hickok performance video (
Video conversation with Eric Persing (
I also made a quick'n'dirty video demo of the functionality of the controllers before I sent them off to Seth ( Enjoy!

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