Tabletop microtonal harp

Tabletop harp with crossed bass strings that can be tuned microtonally
Electroacustic microtonal harp Table harp with crossed strings that can be tuned microtonal. This instrument is electroacoustic and has 28 strings, the separation into two groups of strings allows two different parts to be played with each hand. The original idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis instrument was to do something experimental with pure leftover material from the lumber workshop, ash wood, pinewood, maple and bocote were used, it has piano pegs and it uses a combination of cello, viola, and guitar strings, and it can be tuned of many ways.It has a piezo electric pickup perched on the maple bridges and is connected to effects processors

Carlos Chinchillas Terrazas : Luthier
The maker Carlos Chinchillas Terrazas
I am luthier, I have been building musical instruments for 20 years, and I have also made sound sculptures. Currently, I am building violas, electric basses and in a more experimental way microtonal harps, with which I have been doing musical experimentation. I am involved with improvisation and indeterminate scores, and I am currently working on a recording of Cornelius Cardew's "Treatise", a score that I have been analyzing for a couple of years.I am very interested in the construction of new musical instruments, and in combining classical instruments making with the new practices of sound art

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im luthier (violin, viola, chelo, elctric bass) and piano tuner. Collaborations to manufacture sound sculptures
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