LiveCoding performance by ChucK. Using OSC from ChucK streams data and captures the screen through OBS, and finally designs live visuals in TouchDesigner.

Curator note The University of Michigan Department of Performing Arts Technology integrates the study of music, engineering, and allied arts in a close-knit, collaborative environment. The inspiring and accomplished faculty are internationally renowned scholars, teachers, artists and practitioners.

Sin-Yu Deng
Deng, Sin-Yu is a Master of Media Arts in Performance Technology student at the University of Michigan. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art and Technology from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan with two Interdisciplinary Programs, “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” and “Music Technology and Health (Digital/Pop Music Course). 

Deng’s creations engage in multiple mediums, and her primary focus is on interdisciplinary new media, performance systems, experimental audiovisual and art photography, and research on post-human, technological narratives, and other artistic issues

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