RackTrip is an open-source Eurorack module that sends audio and control voltage over the internet. Using Raspberry Pi Zero and Pure Data, RackTrip virtually and remotely patches two modular synthesizers together at low-latency.
Eurorack module for patching audio & CV over network RackTrip is an open-source Raspberry Pi-powered Eurorack module that sends audio and control voltage over the internet at low-latency for virtually & remotely patching two modular synthesizers together. RackTrip aims to open up a new paradigm of interconnected networked performance by sending high-rate modulation signals synchronously with audio. With RackTrip, Eurorack enthusiasts can patch their synthesizers together during a time when physical meetups are limited and online collaboration is flourishing.

RackTrip's custom PCB is based on "Terminal Tedium," an open-source module for audio I/O, gate I/O, and CV input to Raspberry Pi. RackTrip has 4 CV ins, 4 CV outs, 2 audio ins, and 2 audio outs. RackTrip utilizes a modified version of Miller S Puckette's "Quacktrip" Pd patch to send uncompressed audio and control rate signals between peers at low latency. Once two RackTrip modules are connected via Internet, inputs to one module are mirrored on the respective outputs of the other.

I began work on RackTrip in summer 2020. By December 2020, I had finished a prototype version of RackTrip for my master's capstone project at CCRMA. Check out the linked Vimeo documentation video under "Connect" -> "More Video" to learn more about RackTrip's design journey.

Ty Sadlier : Songwriter, DSP programmer, Eurorack designer
The maker Ty Sadlier
Howdy! I'm a recent master's graduate from Stanford's Center for Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA). I've been recording, producing, and mixing my own music for over a decade. I create audio software and hardware to satisfy unmet needs in my music-making process. With music production, I love creating unusual new sounds by utilizing audio signal processing in idiosyncratic ways. Lately I have been dabbling in audio hardware design by creating my own Eurorack module powered by Raspberry Pi Zero.

Connect with Ty Sadlier
How I can help you:
I'm happy to share my knowledge about networked audio software (e.g. JackTrip, Quacktrip, QuaxTrip), network performance, and Eurorack / PCB design.
How you can help me:
Once I get the hardware design of RackTrip finalized, I'm looking to sell DIY kits or pre-built modules of RackTrip. When the time is right, I'm hoping to get the word out about RackTrip so that Eurorack users all over can start remotely patching with one another.

For the finished iteration of RackTrip, I'd like to create a printed panel out of aluminum, wood, or another material. Since I don't currently have the equipment to create professional-looking panels at home, I'd love advice on DIY panel creation or referrals to people/businesses that could help with panel manufacturing. Additionally, if anyone has expertise with building GUIs for monochromatic OLEDs + encoders and would like to assist with RackTrip's panel UI, please reach out!