OK Go Sandbox- Art Together Now

In 2021, OK Go Sandbox invited the world to help create a new video and remix of their song "All Together Now." The #ArtTogetherNow project ended up creating 6 films and 5 new versions of the song, thanks to over 15,000 global collaborators
A music and art collaboration involving nearly 15,000 people Our team invited people around the world to submit sounds/music/video (based off of guides that we shared), or sign up to color. We then compiled the contributions into 5 new songs, and 6 music videos. The work involved the creation of animation software, partnering with 4 different animators, music classes around the world, and videographers.

Curator note To see more videos from this project: https://okgosandbox.org/art-together-now

OK Go Sandbox : Education Project
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OK Go Sandbox is an education partnership between the band OK Go and the Playful Learning Lab research group.

OKGoSandbox.org is an online resource for educators that uses OK Go’s music videos as starting points for integrated guided inquiry challenges allowing students to explore various STEAM concepts.

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