Midi Controlled Toy Piano & Drumset

Composition 1 for Midi Controlled Toy Piano & Drumset
None Toy Piano and Drum set duo automated using solenoids controlled via MIDI.

A short example of one piece in a duo setting that is part of a larger recording (and soon to be live) project consisting of a full ensemble of computer controlled Acoustic Instruments.

Full album is currently in mixing stage and will be released later this year,
The post production for this album also consists of emulating traditional post prod techniques through acoustic means .
eg. Reamping recordings through
clock springs for modulation/filtering effects
Ceramic/Metal materials for distortions

Craig Scott's Lobotomy : Composer/Maker
The maker Craig Scott's Lobotomy
I am a composer, improvising guitarist and instrument designer. I compose music for human and non-human performers focusing on the disquieting tension that exists between human and machine made music.
Working with human performers, robotics, custom built digital/analog hardware to explore the uncanny valley in sound. Blurring the lines between the perception of organic and artificial,composition and improvisation and intention and error.

“In a class of his own when it comes to creating wildly inventive music”
Gary Lucas (Capitan Beefheart /Jeff Buckley)
It's everything new music can and should be...a wake-up call for the ears...A superbly executed tour de force that leaves audiences shunting between fits of laughter and jaw-dropping wonder.
Steve Mead, Artistic Director, Manchester jazz festival

This is a moderately extraordinary record...To say unique in this case would be proper...The silly name aside, it’s not messing about.
Chris Cutler ( Henry Cow/Art Bears/RER records)

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How I can help you:
Creative Tech for other artists, Film Scoring, Composition, Audio Design, Audio Production, Mixing and mastering.

Email CSlobotomy@gmail for enquiries.
How you can help me:
Please check out my album releases and support my work @ http://wwww.CraigScottsLobotomy.bandcamp.com