Making Sound Art In The Shower with mikewindy

Using the retractable clothes hanging line in the shower at a hotel in Orlando Florida to create a diddley bow.
shower diddley bow Using Audacity as a recording device, a small amplifier, and a contact microphone I stretched and tightened the retractable clothesline in a shower stall to create enough tension to "play" the shower as a Diddley Bow. I made it because I couldn't get the though out of my head once I had it. It only took a few minutes though I have been building stringed instruments for years.

mikewindy : maker, musician, songwriter, sculptor, arts educator
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I make art, music, songs, instruments, and skateboard with my son. I have been married to Windy for almost 25 years and as a love note to her, I sign my name mikewindy; my first name and hers lower case and conjoined.

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I love connecting folks in the arts education space through the Educators' Cooperative and TN Art Education Association as well as connecting artists in the American South to Number Inc. an independent art journal where I am the director of Young Art Writers Project
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