Makey Makey Water Piano

A simple water piano!
Makey Makey Water Piano How can you make music with MaKey MaKey? The simplest (and most popular) way to make music with Makey Makey is by creating your own banana or water piano! Plug your Makey Makey into a computer, use the alligator clips to connect bananas (other fruits or anything conductive), open the piano app in any web browser, and play away.
Want a different instrument? Try out our bongos app, and music sampler app!
Ready to move into a DAW or digital audio workstation? Check out more guides on our webpage or click on resources.

Side story We love seeing all the different pianos people can make on social. And there is something magical about playing water! Add some food color to your water and print color coded sheet music so makers can experience playing a water piano!

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Makey Makey is an invention kit for everyone! Build Circuits out of everyday stuff! The world is full of conductive objects & materials. Make musical circuits with liquids, fruits, and low cost office supplies.

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