JackTrip & a metaverse

Hands-on workshop demonstration running a live music jam session via JackTrip while in a metaverse called Sinespace.
Live JackTrip Music Jams while in a metaverse (no headsets required) Zoom fatigue is real and being in a metaverse offers some relief, especially when a headset is not required to participate.

I will show how to set up a JackTrip live music jam session and create an avatar in a metaverse called Sinespace.

Synthia Payne : Jacktripper
The maker Synthia Payne
Making music is what and why. The constant always.

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How I can help you:
I can help musicmakers by showing them how they can collaborate on music with others in real time via JackTrip while being simultaneously present in a metaverse.
How you can help me:
If participating in the workshop, please use a computer with basic gaming-level resources, i.e. dedicated graphics card, quad-core (or more), AND A WIRED ETHERNET CONNECTION.

Download and install two free apps:

JackTrip: https://github.com/jacktrip/jacktrip/releases

Windows users also need an ASIO driver. If using an external audio interface, check manufacturers webpage for ASIO driver download. Otherwise, download from ASIO4ALL.org (be careful to click only on the ASIO4ALL app download - there are a lot of ads.)

Download and install Sinespace - (you will need to sign up first)