Liz Ruvalcaba

Improvisation, vocal soundscapes and imagination.
Stella I started in 2013 with an RC-30 loopstation, I wanted to explore the possibilities of my voice without having to respect the structure of a song as it happens with a full band. I realized that I was free to make the music I've always wanted; and now after a lot of learning I use my voice, some apps, controllers and a banjolele to make fusion music based on Mexican roots. My voice becomes loops and glitches to create new atmospheres. They are songs, improvisations and arrangements.

Lizeth Ruvalcaba : Singer/Composer
The maker Lizeth Ruvalcaba
Singer, composer and multi instrumentalist live looping artist. My voice is my main instrument; I like to create atmospheric ethereal and experimental weird soundscapes deep rooted in mexican tradition. I've participated in several international festivals such as Y2K live looping festival in California and 'Les Voix Humaines' in Havana Cuba and right now I'm about to release my first solo album with full band format.

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I can collaborate with singing in your songs.
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