Industrial Robot violinist

Nestor is an industrial robot retired from the automotive industry where he stuck windshields on cars for 15 years. A bow is attached to the robotic arm (one and a half ton!) which touches the strings of a violin fixed in its environment. The regularity of the sound is impressive.
Recycling of a violinist industrial robot This project is part of a more global industrial robot diversion project. Jean-Marie is a robotics engineer and he recovers old industrial robots to convert them into artistic projects. His most famous project is called "Le Bistromatik". It is an industrial robot (Nestor) which has been fixed on a mobile platform transformed into a bistro where the robot plays the role of bartender. The violinist robot project is an artistic performance proposed in this bistro.

Jean-Marie Ollivier : Maker & Musician
The maker Jean-Marie Ollivier
I work with industrial robots that I divert to integrate them into show installations. I have been doing this since 2010. I am also a musician (traditional music) and I am very interested in the idea of ​​playing music with robots. I work notably on a violinist robot then also on a percussionist :-)

Connect with Jean-Marie Ollivier
How I can help you:
I am well acquainted with the programming of robots and industrial PLC. I can help if anyone needs. I also integrate Arduino that I use as a MIDI interface to connect industrial machines to the world of music.
How you can help me:
I would like to add a left hand to this violinist, if anyone has an idea!