Fantasy Mansion

A device intended to blur the lines between composer, tools and audience. Any piece of art exists in inly in the point of interaction between these three. This device merely accentuates it.
Interactive generative musical circuitboard When headphones are connected the devices generates a new infinitely lond song. The user is able to modify and remix this sont or even compose his/her own music. The device will at whim alter, transpose, or sometimes simply erase the users music and start anew.

Captain Credible : Maker, Composer, Artist, Educator, etc
The maker Captain Credible
I have been composing and performing since 2004. I build electronic instruments and musical robots. I also make sound sculptures and installations in museums and other spaces.

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How I can help you:
I can share knowledge in generative art and music and programming microcontrollers
How you can help me:
By continuing to be inspirational and amazing