Experiment with spring steel

Sound machine called "Snapper"
Snapper This is an experiment I did with a 3" wide band of spring steel animated by a servo motor. The steel is clamped onto 2 shafts that can rock back and forth at varying speeds. Changing the speeds causes the steel to move in a rhythmic manner varying from steady to unstable.
Video was shot in my studio

Side story The Snapper is an example of 3"x .025" spring steel placed under evolving tension

Matt Heckert : Machine,sound,instrument builder
The maker Matt Heckert
I began building machines and crating soundtracks with Survival Research Laboratories in the 1980s. During this approximately 8 year period, working on performance machines and soundtracks led me to attempt building machines for their acoustic qualities, I began imagining entire performances with only sound machines.
Eventually I set out with the intention to pursue this idea machine sound performances. I wanted to have computer control over the motions as a compositional aid and would only use sound that could be generated in the moment and not use recorded or synthesized sound. I called these performances Mechanical Sound Orchestra. I staged performances in the US and Europe for more than a decade. Along the way I did sound installations and some collaborations with other artists. eg Paul Drescher Ensemble and Time's Up! in Austria.

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