Eclipse & Resonant Garden

Both machines are completely manufactured from scratch with the use of technologies
of digital manufacturing (engrave machine and 3d printer) as well as, creation of pcbs at home.
Sound exploration machines Eclipse is a light controlled drone, which incorporated with computer fans,
you get attractive control and human-machine interaction. It's made with
some recycled materials, such as flexible lamp, fans, and computer keys.
Perfect mix of sound, speed and lighting.

It is also accompanied by the "Resonant Garden" machine that emulates from exploration and DIY the
machines created by Folktek but at a low price, without being exactly the same but with the
resonance and reverb as the main climate. Resonant Garden is a machine which was manufactured in 3 months, since I knew the Folktek machines and the anger that I had
by knowing its price.

Both machines make up a tetric soundscape with an active performance by the artist.

Side story I always liked music but I don't know much about theory, I have tried to study it, basically I am a frustrated musician. BUT I realized that I have other tools at my disposal. I really like to build and invent things, I also know some electronics and software design, this has helped me a lot to build new sound machines. Many of them have been waiting to be used for a long time, but I must admit that I enjoy the process from the ideation to the construction of each project much more.

//Siempre me gustó la musica pero no conozco mucho la teoria, he intentado estudiarla, básicamente soy un musico frustrado. PERO me di cuenta que tengo otras herramientas a mi disposición. Me gusta mucho construir e inventar cosas, además sé algo de electrónica y de diseño en software, esto me ha ayudado mucho a construir nuevas máquinas de sonido. Muchas de ellas están por mucho tiempo esperando a ser usadas, pero debo reconocer que disfruto mucho más el proceso desde la ideación a la construcción de cada proyecto.

César Cofré Reyes : Maker
The maker César Cofré Reyes
I am an electronic engineer and maker. I really like synthesizers and from there my interest to create my own machines was born. I have not used my machines in public, only from a hobby but since this year I had the need to share these creations, for now, only with the desire to share them ... and my instagram "sintetik_" was born.

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How I can help you:
I am an electronics engineer and have knowledge of 3D printers and laser engraving. I am a very enthusiastic person and if I do not have tools to help, I will do my research until I can.
How you can help me:
How it feels to each person to do it. For now I have no intention of being an artist or of selling. They have only been genuine attempts at experimentation and creation.
For now visit my instagram and share experiences.