Cyclic is an immersive, visual and sound interactive installation
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Our artistic approach involves social, relational and sensitive dimension. “Cyclic” generates relationships between visitors and invite them to share time in a collective performance. The ritual dimension offers to the spectators a unique artistic experience, symbolic and meditative. In this artwork, the spectators are invited to take time, to sit down all together, to join theirs hands for activate the installation : an immersive visual and sonorous artistic experience around a symbolic fireplace.

The epicenter is a large hemispherical mirror, it receives the moving images from the video-projector and also reflects the same visuals all around the space. The optical and sound immersion is integral, the visuals visible on the mirror are propagating through the space. Large pieces of translucent fabrics are hanged from the ceiling and design several delicate cycloramas. It reinforces the idea of the circle which is deployed in the space. The spectators are immersed inside the visuals.

“Cyclic” is an interface of exchanges and physical connections, an organic system, powered by the energy of all. Through a singular ritual, this artwork is a collective performance to experiment all together. It's an invitation to share a moment of symbolic and sensitive relations with the others. Like a fragile and ephemeral ecosystem, where each element is interdependent from the others. The interactions between the spectators generate a moving and evolving landscape.

Two sensitive interfaces activate the visuals and sounds of the installation. Scenarios of the artwork evolve according to the touch, the electrostatic energy produced by the person and also all people who gives their hands. Other people can enter inside the space, sit down, touch one interface or give a hand to its neighbour in contact with this interface.

The skin-to-skin contacts between the spectators will modify the visual and sound scenarios: many singular moving shapes and patterns are mixed together in order to constitute an original and evolutionary graphic hybridization. Each new contact produces different evolutions among the many possible real-time generations. The work is constantly renewed according to the quality of the physical contacts between people. The energy of each person allows to change the visual and sound hypnotic scenes.

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The couple artists Gregory Lasserre and Anais met den Ancxt work under the name Scenocosme. Their artworks are exhibited in numerous museums, contemporary art centres and digital art festivals in the world.

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