Steel structure with jellyfish crocheted with copper. Perpetual motion Using a mechanism.
Sound recording and processing.
Global and scalable structure Removable steel tube structure 250*180*180
Mechanism working with electric motor or inertia.
The jellyfishes are made with copper wires connected to the mechanism with nylon wires and guided by magnets.
Piezo microphones,mixing desk, looper, octaver, delay and noise box.

Marie Serge Coïc : Maker
I do embroidery and lace using traditional needlework.
I use Copper wire for 2 years now, and make some light and transparent sculptures. Then I started to put them into Motion, with some watchmaking and automating techniques. Today I introduce a metal structure with some moving and sounding jellyfishes. With Piezo microphones stuck on the structure i catch the sound and process it with a DAWless system, mixîng desk and hardware Fx, which
results in a deep ambiance around the jellyfishes. Il

Connect with Marie Serge Coïc
How I can help you:
I can help with my needlework techniques, also on mechanical and dawless tips
How you can help me:
Discussion and reflection on various processes and techniques is always stimulating and opens up new ideas.
The exchange helps to progress