Cantarutti Bentstrumentos

We create and build musical instruments reporpousing broken and abandoned toys, obsolete electronics devices and everyday discards.
Circuit Bending and Hybrid Luthery handmade musical instruments Hi!
We recycle toys, electronic devices and everyday discards to re-signify them and give them a second chance, in the form of musical instruments.
We are musicians, creators, artists and we are constantly exploring the possibilities offered by using recycled elements, combined with traditional musical instruments.
All the bentstruments are for sale.
Our brand is based in Córdoba, Argentina.

It’s an instrument that arises from modifying battery-powered toys, a disused or broken electronic device, using Circuit Bending technique and philosophy.
Circuit Bending is "squeezing a circuit" to unleash it’s full potential ... think beyond its primary utility ...
We include in this practice of resignification the daily discards.

- Danilo Cantarutti & Laureano Cantarutti (brothers): both musicians, composers, songwriters, multinstrumentists, makers, hybrid electronic luthiers and musical producers. They are in charge of creating and building each bentstrument.
- Valentina Martinez Gallino: she’s an artist, photographer, designer and Public Relations graduate. She’s in charge of the photographs, texts, graphic design and promotion.

We participated in faires, art exhibitions and other kind of events in different cities. Some videos about that:
Festival del Diseño Córdoba 2021 (Argentina):
COLLECTIVE ART EXHIBITION at Tecnoteca San Francisco (Córdoba, Argentina):
FERIA DEL REGALO 2021 (Córdoba, Argentina):
FabLabCba demonstration (Córdoba, Argentina):
Asunción Maker Faire (Asunción, Paraguay):
¡Juguemos! - Paisaje Sonoro Participativo | CO ART gallery (Córdoba, Argentina):
The Ozarks mini Maker Faire (Springfield, Missouri, U.S.):

We build custom bentstruments too!
We’re also preparing online workshops so more people can build their own bentstruments, so please contact us if you are interested!

If you’re interested in our work, please feel free to contact us on:
Instagram: cantaruttibentstrumentos
Facebook: Laureano Cantarutti
Email: laureanocantarutti @ Gmail DOT com


Frequently Asked Questions
What inspired you to do this?
Our musical artistic and Circuit Bending background.
How long did it take to make it?
It depends on each bentstrument; some take days, another take months to create and make it.
How long have you been doing things like this?
About 6 years.
How much did this cost to do?
The electronic components are the most expensive part of this project.
Have you done other things like this?
Another projects of us:
- Law Cant: Laureano Cantarutti solo musical project
- The Data Entry: Danilo Cantarutti solo musical project
- Law Cant & Valentina Martinez Gallino: circuit bending music and digital painting live project
- Mapa Sonoro Latinoamericano de Circuit Bending: latin american audiovisual compilation curated and produced by Laureano Cantarutti, mastered by Danilo Cantarutti.
- Sonido Interior (podcast): host by Laureano Cantarutti. Podcast of interviews with Latin American artists related to music and the disciplines Maker, Do It Yourself, Circuit Bending and hybrid luthery. The objective is to know and share their motivations, creative processes and work, also seeking to motivate listeners to discover their own inner sound.
What did you wish you knew before you started this?
We knew some things before starting but it's about walking our own path, looking to make the best decisions, paying attention to what we desire to do, and that connects us with people that are looking for these bentstruments.
Are there plans available to make this? Do you sell this?
Most of the bentstruments are for sale.
If you want to know more please visit us on Instagram:
What’s next?
Continue our workin and research to make available more bentstruments to the people.
Also, we're planning to do workshops here in Argentina and Worldwide, so if you're interested to build your own bentstrument or do you want that we do a workshop in your city please contact us at: laureanocantarutti @ gmail DOT com.
We are always looking for broken and abandoned toys, obsolete electronic devices and everyday discards.
We often receive donations and that helps us to minimize the total costs.

Laureano Cantarutti : Composer, author, performer, maker, multi-instrumentalist and music producer
The maker Laureano Cantarutti
Laureano Cantarutti a.k.a. Law Cant is a composer, author, performer, multi-instrumentalist and music producer from Córdoba, Argentina. Since 1994 I'm in continuous education and research. I had knowledge of music theory, musical grammar, harmony, classical guitar playing with extended technique, Middle Eastern percussion, Throat Singing (harmonic singing), audio recording, musical composition and creation of lyrics, learned in differents institutions, such as: National University of Córdoba, cultural centers, conservatories and self-taught.

My solo project stands out for the mixture of conventional instruments and those created by me using the Circuit Bending technique.

In 2020 I compiled and curated the first "Latin American Sound Map of Circuit Bending", and audiovisual work that includes the participation of 32 artists from 11 countries of Latin America and 1 special guest from Canary Islands. It also includes research works about Circuit Bending for free download, special mentions and the participation of Reed Ghazala who had the opportunity to access to all the material before the publication; also he shared a message to all the artists.

Click the CONNECT tab for links to my solo project, circuit bending works and the Latin American Sound Map of Circuit Bending .

I've participated in different festivals, projects and compilations.

Connect with Laureano Cantarutti
How I can help you:
We do online workshops so more people can create their own bentstrumentos :-)
You can contact us on Instagram: cantaruttibentstrumentos

If you don't use any social media, please send an email to: laureanocantarutti @ gmail DOT com
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Following us on Instagram: cantaruttibentstrumentos
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