Cabot Project

I made a portable percussion robot "cabot."
Cabot plays cajon (wooden drum box).
Solo musicians (e.g. acoustic guitar player) can enjoy acoustic session with cabot any-time & any-where they want.
Percussion Robot for solo musicians Cabot is a robot that attaches to cajon. Cajon is a drum box originally from Peru. Cabot has three arms, which hit different places on cajon's surface and generates different sounds(Kick, Snare, High-hat/ghost notes)

I made this robot because I wanted to enjoy jamming with a robot in an acoustic style. I like playing acoustic guitar, and knew it would be fun to play it with cajon. As cajon is a compact instrument, compared with a whole drum set, it is much easier to bring it with you or keep it in your house/room.

Cabot is controlled by Midi signals. I use Ableton Live on Mac to create rhythms. Also I use foot pedals to switch rhythm patterns while performing.

Beside Cabot, I want to make foot-pedals and smartphone apps (and I used to make some prototypes), but currently I'm concentrating just on developing Cabot. There are still some issues that I want to work on to improve its performance. I'm using foot-pedals and apps on market for now and they work well too.

Hide Iio : Maker
The maker Hide Iio
I make percussion robot which plays cajon for solo musicians.
As an acoustic guitar player, I wanted percussion sound in acoustic way to make my performance more enjoyable. I have started this project at 2016, and have worked on it for a couple of years, with some years of break. (In such break period, I work as an accountant.)

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How I can help you:
If you are looking for opportunity to collaborate with a robot making acoustic sound physically, please feel free to contact me.

Also, if you want to purchase Cabot, please contact me. Cabot is under development and is not on sale yet but I will contact you once it is on sale.

My e-mail address is h.iio(@)
You can contact me through social media accounts below too.
How you can help me:
Check musicians&cabot's performances here.

If you are interested in this project, subscribe to Cabot's channel and my personal channel on YouTube.