Automatic performance music by MIDI mechanical system

The MIDI control board "MIDI mechanical system" that we have developed automatically plays acoustic musical instruments.
Libertango The "MIDI mechanical system" can control various devices such as switches, servos, and motors with a single MIDI cable by combining modules.

Anyone can operate these automated instruments with basic computer music skills. You can enjoy ensemble of acoustic instruments without having to learn many musical instrument playing methods.

I have been making and increasing one or two automatic musical instruments a year little by little. I want everyone to know the convenience and excitement of working with MIDI. And we hope our MIDI controller products will help you in your MAKE!

The vertical flute played by humans in the video is made by Pla-Plate. This is not our work, but handmade by Mr. Masamichi Tosa.

Frequently Asked Questions
What inspired you to do this?
I made an automatic musical instrument as an example so that everyone can enjoy understanding the control board of my product "MIDI mechanical system".
How long did it take to make it?
The development period of the MIDI mechanical system control board is about 3 years (after getting on right track). I continue to make one or two automatic musical instruments a year.
How long have you been doing things like this?
I showed off my product and work for the first time at Maker Faire Tokyo 2018. From that time on, my activity as a maker began.
How much did this cost to do?
The material cost for each automatic musical instrument was about 50,000 yen in Japanese yen.
Have you done other things like this?
We also manufacture and sell MIDI controllers for beginners and modules for M5Stack.
What did you wish you knew before you started this?
I had no knowledge of electronic work at all, so I had a lot of trouble at first. Since I met Arduino, I was able to quickly absorb a lot of knowledge.
Are there plans available to make this? Do you sell this?
Please read here for our products such as MIDI mechanical system.

Please contact us for overseas shipping.
What’s next?
I would like to gradually increase the number of automatic performance instruments to make a large ensemble.
The information in various books and websites was very helpful. Many followers on social media have given us their knowledge.

necobit(ねこびっと) : Maker of MIDI controlled music performances.
The maker necobit(ねこびっと)
When I was a kid, I thought in programming that I wanted to control not only what is displayed on the computer screen but also what is outside. 30 years later, it became the control board for my product "MIDI Mechanical System".

The MIDI-controlled auto-playing instruments that appear in our performances are based on acoustic musical instruments. It would be great if you could feel the enthusiasm of human beings from the musical instruments played by the machines.

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