Audio Freeze

Eurorack module to freeze tiny loops of audio for manipulation.
Teensy based Eurorack 'freeze' module The Audio Freeze is a Teensy based eurorack module. Audio Freeze continuously samples incoming audio into a buffer. When the FREEZE button is pressed it locks, or ‘freezes’ the buffer and continuously loops it. You can then adjust the size of the looping window, and move the window inside the buffer with 2 pots. Playback speed can also be adjusted. Version 2 includes a broken tape effect which uses 2 LFOs (for Wow and Flutter) to change playback speed.

Scott Pitkethly AKA Cutlasses : Electronic instrument maker and musician
The maker Scott Pitkethly AKA Cutlasses
I've been making music and instruments as Cutlasses for 7 or so years. I started combining the making of hardware with the making of music when I needed a MIDI pedal to control my live set, and nothing on the market fitted the bill. I used a Teensy development board to make my own pedal. Once I'd discovered the Teensy Audio Library I went down a bit of a rabbit hole and have been making digital effects ever since, as well as electro-acoustic noise boxes using piezo contact mics. Which I incorporate into both my live sets, and recorded material. I am now working with STM32 micro controllers to make my own effects for the Eurorack modular synth format.

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