AC Symphony

AC Symphony is an instrument that allows the musician to play AC powered appliances. The control center is an AC sequencer that plays all the appliances in sequence.
This instrument turns any AC powered appliance into an symphony This version of the project uses a record player, hair dryer, blender, drill, razor, clock radio, vacuum cleaner and fan. The musician is able to control the amount of electricity for each appliance, speed of the sequence, pause and reset the sequence. There are also light bulbs attached to each appliance acting as an indicator light. The heart of the AC sequencer is a board designed by Mark Kleback and Ezer Lichtenstein.

Danne Woo : Creative Technologist
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I am a creative technologist who focuses on projects around design, data, programming, technology and musical innovation. I am also an Assistant Professor of Interaction Design at Queens College, CUNY.

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