Byungkyu Lee : Anthesizer
Anthesizer, 'Ant' + 'Synthesizer', is a tool that turns the complex social behaviors of ant colonies into mesmerizing soundscapes in real time.
Anthesizer Anthesizer: Spine is a project that explores the complex logistics of the harvester ant colony, Veromessor pergandei, offering insights into how they transport, store, and distribute their food resources within their nests. As these ants primarily rely on seeds for sustenance, they have developed a complex system for collecting and storing various types of seeds. The initial collection takes place in a sorting chamber, followed by transfer to a storage chamber located deeper inside the ant nest. This intricate logistics process occurs within a network of small interconnected modular nests, analogous to a freight train. Remarkably, the layout of this coordination resembles the structure of the human spine, which serves as the central support column of the body.
To capture the audio signals generated by the ants, contact microphones have been installed within each nest. These signals are then amplified through circuitry and synthesized into an interesting soundscape using the Max MSP in real time. The resulting audio provides a unique insight into the ants' intricate logistics system and offers a new way to view and understand both ant and human societies.
Byungkyu Lee : Sound Designer, Artist
The maker Byungkyu Lee
Los Angeles, California
Byungkyu Lee is a sound designer, artist, and avid ant enthusiast, known for creating immersive soundscapes series, Anthesizer, that blends art, science, and engineering. Inspired by the striking similarities between ants and humans, Lee explores their world through a unique lens that fuses his scientific inquiry with artistic expression. His thought-provoking works challenge our perception of the world and invite us to reflect on our complex relationship and interconnectivity with nature.
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